Gone Away

Gone Away

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Liner Notes: 

I liked the guitar bit and was reading a bit of Yeats when this started writing itself. No connection, I'm sure.


I could hear her nightly complaints
Staring into her mirror
Never dreaming we would notice
Or thinking we could hear her

All the promises she made
When she was a youth
Passed away so long ago
A victim of life's abuse

Gone away
Gone away

She stares into her mirror
Wonders who she's looking at
But she sees why the neighbor kids
Keep calling her an old bat

The years have not been kind to her
Still they're dragging on
And maybe the time has come
For her to move along

She's gone away
She's gone away

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nice! that intro guitar is really beautiful and evocative, I love those long held notes on 'gone away' and the chords behind it, which really propel this into the 'something very special indeed' category.

excellent write and performance!

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Awesome intro and break. Full of questions to ask yourself! Nice.

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excellent character portrait, all too sad. the guitar is sorrowful and your voice aches. especally on the chorus that says it all in two enlongted words,

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Compelling lyrics and vocals - also like the long notes.

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Looking at the lyrics...oh wow, I have an old friend that I just recently came back into contact and she has a lot of health problems seems very concerned with getting old. Yeah, so this definitely sent me a message. I'm going to text her in a little while. I'm ready for the audio...hold. Nice sounding guitar...nice playing too...vocals now...good performance...passed away so long ago...gone...away. I like that holding the note out...nice guitar between lyrics...stares into the mirror....calling her old bat. She's gone...away. Nice finish. Great job TC.