You Need To Take Your Meds

You Need To Take Your Meds

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Liner Notes: 

When I get mad my brother always says "You need to take your pill!". Also, I remember a while back somebody saying to somebody who was going off on Peter Strzok during a hearing "You need to take your meds" and thought it was hilarious. Still, it's mostly about me and what I hear every time I get mad I remember the statement she had made and used it here. Thanks for listening.

Production notes: I brought in my Ibanez to help my Fender on this rocker demo. Production time was about 4 hours.


You Need To Take Your Meds

You can tell when he needs his meds
His mouth starts moving and he shakes his head
He gets grouchy and raises his voice
Out of control like he has no choice
Nobody wants to be around him
He is starting to do it again
Somebody yelled out to his surprise
He finally shut up and realized

You need to take your meds
You got anger in your head
You need to take your meds
You said things you shouldn't have said

Usually, when he doesn't forget
The nicest guy you could ever have met
But he sometimes just goes off
Running his mouth until he gets tossed
He just needs to not forget his pills
He's alright and he's actually pretty chilled
But he went on a rampage with his mouth
An important meeting and he was tossed out

His medicine keeps him in check
But sometimes he forgets
He'll come back tomorrow and be okay
Never mind about yesterday
The medicine is working

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new demo I like it bro. Your Fender guitar sounds awesome.

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Read the lyrics first! These are really excellent! So true as well! Crikey i think volume was on 11 nearly took my head off. Ha ha - warning warning! Yeah the right music, little bit of anger, little sad and the blazing guitars. Very nice! You are in the groove!

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another instant classic. thsi is one most everyine can relate to in one way or another, the particular character in the song is someone we all have known. i love the guitars as usual, and youa re doing so many differere, and things with them here. what kind of ibanez are you playing? do you reccomend it? i had to sell all my equipment except for an acoustic guitar when i moved to peru, and ibanez is the only recognizable brand i can find here for an electric guitar,and they run about $300.

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Solid heavy metal rock song. Powerful music and almost aggressive sounds go really well with the lyrics describing an out of control person. A little bit like Keep on Rocking in the Free World by Neil Young, just the general vibe and more on the guitar work. You've turned into a genuine guitar hero with a soul this year, Jerry! Bodacious.

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Rocked out! Love that guitar tone. On both guitars. The sound is monster cool!