Thoughts and Prayers (again)

Thoughts and Prayers (again)

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Liner Notes: 

I didn't think I'd have to write this song again so fast, so to speak.

Over the weekend, I went to sleep Saturday, hearing about a mass shooting, inspired by white supremacy and hatred, in El Paso, Texas.. and when I woke up Sunday morning, there was yet another mass shooting by someone with an assault weapon that happened in the late evening/early morning in Dayton, Ohio.

I've written these types of songs before, and, sadly, here's another

Haven't quite finalized the entire lyric and music, but this is probably close enough to give an idea.

Recorded very fast on an iPhone recorder, playing an old resonator guitar, then importing to Audacity for a little clean up and compression/echo, etc.

Live guitar and vocal, second take at it.


By the time we heard
about the latest mass shooting
It wasn’t the latest anymore
Its happening so often now
Feels like a war
What will it take for this country to stop this nightmare
We hear the same excuses, ‘thoughts and prayers’

No other western democracy
Has even one tenth of these killings
But reasonable gun control
Seems that we are not willing
There’s a place in the heart to discuss it
But instead we go where?
To the place we make our excuses…Thoughts and prayers

Thoughts and prayers
Prayers and thoughts
Look at what the NRA has bought
Thoughts and prayers
Have us caught
Thoughts and prayers

In the time it took to write this
More blood starts to flow
But the only sound from Moscow Mitch
Is him saying no
What will it take to demonstrate
That we really care
Maybe a little more then
Saying ‘thoughts and prayers’

Sandy hook, Columbine
Decades of tears combine
Some of yours some of mine
Fox news busy lying
Innocent victims dying
As the map of the places gets bigger and bigger
Prayers and thoughts, come to naught
Thoughts and prayers, Thoughts and prayers

© M. Skliar 2019

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I really like that guitar work, the downward action in the bass combined with your melody is good. Definitely a good combination.

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Well done song on a...... Well i don't know what to say topic - we sit at a distance in disbelief! Nice delivery as well.

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Reminds me a lot of an early 60's protest folk song.
Which is a good thing.
Great lyrics.
In my opinion, as a Canadian looking in from outside, gun control would be just a bandaid; the real issue lies with the every-man-for-himself, frontier cowboy attitude that's so prevalent down there.
Anyway, this is a good one; heartfelt and well performed.

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Damn did you get this right! These songs shouldn't be necessary, but sadly they are and I don't see any change coming. I hope I am wrong.