Everybody Loves Louie

Everybody Loves Louie

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I have been reading the Stephen Sondheim lyric books Finishing The Hat and Look I Made A Hat. Another song idea from the Sunday In The Park With George musical. Shamelessly borrowing the song title and use of a list of the reasons why from the first act. After reading the Sondheim lyric I had a hook melody and different tempo bouncing in my head for a few weeks before I saw the musical (tempo and melody are very different). I wrote out lyrics with a bit of editing from the idea that Louie gets driven the most so Henry and Simone may be a bit jealous and admiring at the same time. Tonight seemed like a good idea to put chords and music to the lyric and find out what it sounded like. Recorded one scratch track then experimented with copy paste cutting up the sections to resemble two voices with different harmony sound effects. I need to play this one live to see how it feels but I feel like it's got potential to make it into the gig play list.


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Everybody Loves Louie {Simone, Henry}
Guitar chords: C - x32o1o; Am - xo221o; F2 - x33o11; G2 - 3ooo33; D2 - xxo23o; E2 - o22xo2; A2 - xo22oo; B2 - x24422; C2 - x35533;

Watch him scoot when the light turns green
Everybody loves Louie
Report covers and magazines
Everybody loves Louie

Louie’s efficient
Louie runs silent
Louie’s a lover never violent
Louie’s got a white stripe
Louie’s metallic blue
Hardly nothing Louie can’t do
Everybody loves Louie

They all swoon when they call his name
Everybody loves Louie
Beats range anxiety at his best game
Everybody loves Louie

Louie is quick
Louie is fun
Louie ’s from France and waits for no one
Louie sees a crack
Louie slips through
Hardly nothing Louie can’t do
Everybody loves Louie

Isn’t he so cute
Everybody loves Louie
A perfect substitute
Everybody loves Louie

Charging station answering questions
Electric avenue he gets the attention
The others don’t want to even mention
Extra extra the futures white and blue
Hardly nothing Louie can’t do
Everybody loves Louie

Everybody loves Louie (repeat and fade)

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I think Louie seems like a decent fella Good

Beautiful chords in this, and I love the lyrics. Absolutely!

You need to practice this with a second person, and then try the back and forth perhaps in a live environment.

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i like the way you manage to get Louies name into nearly every line. Thats an effective device in getting a song into peoples heads at they cant get out. in a musical, it builds anticipation for the appearance of the referenced character.

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I listened this morning before work and was about to comment but I noticed it was time to take a shower. While in there I found myself singing your line! That outro repeat of the title is just super catchy and I like your delivery. Some really cute car-centric personified stargazing going on here!

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That guitar sounds great, and that "Everybody loves Louie" line is a super hook. I've got the melody tripping off my tongue right now: dah dah dah dah, Louie's from France, etc. It really sticks with you. If I recall, you're writing songs about an electric car? I will continue to follow Louie's journey

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Ha! I didn't read the notes at first, but as soon as you got to "Louie's efficient. Louie runs silent" I knew exactly where it came from. Sunday in the Park with George is my favorite Sondheim. Took me a while to figure out who Louie was. I'm not a car person. I like the playing you did with the sounds. You created a big space ambiance that I like.