Her River

Her River

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Liner Notes: 

This is an organ bed track set to Aousticmaddie's lyrics. It is in need of male vocals if anyone cares to add them. I have some ideas,
but otherwise leave that up to you.

Fortunately @tiller2 has stepped up to the mic. Thrilled to hear his offering!


1, she took me to her dark place
I had nowhere else to go
And now Im stuck in her shadows
Course this is all I know
She drowned me in her river.
In big blue helpless eyes
I was to weak to look behind
All these shaded lies.

I was drowning in her river
It tasted like burning clove
But All I ever wanted was
To taste that movie love

As I got stuck in darkness
I thought I was alone
Course men can handle woman
Yes we are brave and strong
But I was just a weak boy
As she pulled me to The ground
She told me I was useless
That I was just a hound


3, I walk out one Day and closed The door
I did it all for me
And slowly I could breathe again
It tastes good to be free

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I can totally hear how this would fit together. The organ gives it a really dramatic feel in the verses, but a sweeter sound in the chorus.

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If only I had more confidence in my voice. [Sigh...] If hope you find SOMEONE--this is a great bed for Maddie's wonderful lyrics.

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Really vivid details in this that put us in his emotional space. I especially enjoyed: "But All I ever wanted was/To taste that movie love". It comes a long way emotionally, which gives it power too. The organ is a nod to that power, imo. Flows well with a good melody. Hope to hear it with its vocals soon!

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What a lovely church-like organ - my great grandfather was a church organist for 60 years, and that sound is so sweetly powerful to me.
And the organ sure fits the words in both melody and ultimately, theme - redemption in the end.

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Love the organ backing for this wonderfully visual song about a temptress - seduction, deception, and what may be sexual cruelty depending how you read the lyric. Poor guy - a hopeless romantic caught in the trap of a powerful mean seductive woman! I like the sense of his honesty and vulnerability as well as ultimate realization about the power in being free and not under the spell of a woman seductress.

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PS Mike, I think your vocals would be great on this as it seems like a guy looking back remembering this experience.

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Hi, I'd be glad to give the vocal a shot. I haven't done anything yet this 50/90, so this might get me started! Let me know.

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I especially like the first chorus. I think we all want to the burning clove taste of movie love. Maybe I should just wait to comment until the final version with vocal is posted. It's sort of hard to imagine where it might go. The organ is cool in its austere way, kind of like you're in church waiting to hand down a sermon about lust. That will tie in nicely with the redemption found in the second chorus. I would have a hard time finding a vocal melody since the organ part already offers up quite a bit of nice melody. It's hard not to simply follow that.

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Maddie should just sing this! I've sung songs that I've written for a male voice and the music is so interesting that I want to hear both together. I like that the music has a little bit of lightness to it, despite the darkness of the lyrics, possibly alluding to the end?