Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote the words to this in about 10 minutes during the skirmish time. The original music was country-jukebox weeper.
A song for a friend who passed away a couple months ago. But I think he'd want something upbeat, hopeful.
So I revisited a few hours later, then I went outside to record.


You were done doing what was yours to do
last words to us were hey - I love you
You’re still with us – maybe even more than before, but I
Wish I could hold your hand once more

So I reach for the stars
Someday I’ll be where you are
Reach for the stars
And there you are

You belong there but I wish you were right here
On the beach to watch the sun disappear
See the moon’s wise face full of things I wish I knew
Wish I could wrap my arms around you

So I reach for the stars
Bet you like it there where you are
Reach for the stars
And there you are

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I'd want something upbeat for sure. Nice thought and nice tribute. excellent stuff mate!

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Love Love Love! Sounds great, Positive, lifting, and great tribute.

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You gave your friend upbeat and hopeful. A spirited tribute. Good job.

musicsongwriter's picture

Beautiful, spirited tribute to your friend. Sad and memorable. Amazing take on skirmish.

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A beautiful tribute to your mate. I think you did the right thing in choosing an upbeat treatment. It brings a hopeful note.

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I like that you recorded it outside - the ambient sounds add a lot for me.
The vehicles rolling out in the distance gives a since of the world keeping on about its business even though your friend is gone, but your song keeps him present.
Real heartfelt lyrics in 10 mins...

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What beautiful thoughts, and a beautifully sweet, and yes upbeat, song Smile

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This is a really nice song for your friend. Music is uplifting and your voice has a gentle tone. The ukulele is fitting because it's a small and fragile instrument like in some ways our lives are. I especially like the chorus and the way you get a different feeling to the words on repetition by omitting some of the words.

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I like how you wish your friend were on this earth, but feel that you can reach him when you look up to the stars. A touching way to remember.