Reach For The Stars

Reach For The Stars

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Liner Notes: 


host corinne54
prompt Reach for the stars

Hard time gettin' goin' on this one but here's what I got. Needs a B section.
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour or so to write and record


Reach For The Stars

Reach for the stars
Wherever you are
Open your heart and breathe
Reach for the stars
It isn't too far
Abandon the world beneath

©2019 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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splittybooms's picture

Space sounds used, spacey reverbs; sets an atmosphere.
I like the lead synth sound and its simple melody.
The vocal's melody also works well for me.
Can relate to the hard time gettin' goin lol...
But you still pushed out something enjoyable in an hour, with a cool lyric, vocal, and music that appeals - so that's a win!

coolparadiso's picture

Yes like the swirley sky/spacey sound! Vocals now appearing again! Its all moving on! Nice skirmish

MarkG's picture

Good to hear your take. I love the effects and the soul/funk sound. I've been away last week so I'll make a point of listening to more of your stuff--I've always enjoyed your songs.

musicsongwriter's picture

I too like the sound, the effects and the spacey feel in your song. Cool take on skirmish prompt.

Kristi's picture

Cool, catchy melody. The music has an underlying groove to it that is very enjoyable and memorable. I like the swooshes of sounds in there. Enjoyed it!

cts's picture

Melodically pleasing and groovy. Interplanetary synth play at work and methinks it's all kinds of wonderful!

3tdoan's picture

The eerie atmospheric synthy sounds really suit the prompt. Nice skirmish!