I reach for You

I reach for You

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Host: [@corinne]
Lyric: sad
I have no music for it. Please let me know if you are happy to collaborate with me.


'I reach for You'
Lyrics ©2019 Nadia Cripps

Every time I look up high
I think that I can see your face
They say hope is the last to die
I keep staring into the space

I reach for you in all my dreams
The stars and you surround my place
We are happy at last or so it seems
Until I wake up and you're gone without a trace

The realization is so cold
It was beyond tragic losing you
You will remain young, never grow old
Why did it have to happen I have no clue

I reach for you in all my dreams
The stars and you surround my place
We are happy at last or so it seems
Until I wake up and you're gone without a trace

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Oh yes, this is very sad, Nadia. "They say hope is the last to die"....how true is that? The mixture of hope and real life is heartbreaking. Great interpretation of the prompt!

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I like the image of reaching for someone in your dreams, only to wake up to reality. It's quite evocative and sets an emotional scene.

coolparadiso's picture

Very good opening verse, which grabs attention. Very good emotive lyric.

MarkG's picture

It's such a beautifully sad yearning. Well expressed and touching.

splittybooms's picture

Quite sad basis but with a breathtaking scene of "stars and you surround my place"...actually makes it even sadder to me.
Your writing pulls the emotions out...with just lyrics, no music.
The emptiness of loss plus the emptiness of vast space...

JWHanberry's picture

Sad is right. Very touching emotions. Conveys the feeling of Space. Nicely done.

cts's picture

I'm going to agree as well regarding the hint of sadness. But there is a redemptive piece there, too. I like how you first line says that hope is the last to go, but as the song moves along it seems hope never left. This is indeed, beautiful, Nadia.

Chip Withrow's picture

Your approach to the skirmish is similar to mine. You've really touched my heart and soul here. A poignant tribute.

3tdoan's picture

This is very touching. "I reach for you in all my dreams" I think rings true to anyone who's ever lost a loved one.

benjo's picture

Hey very sad

and you really captured this so well
gives off wonderful imagery
you told this story so well
a very nice write
be proud of yourself
I tip my hat to you, Nadia...

spirulence's picture

You've captured that feeling of a waking dream so well with your chorus. The grief is palpable - the words are resonant - nice write.

johnstaples's picture

Nadia, these are really beautiful lyrics! And yes, very sad too.

There are three things that really grabbed me..."hope is the last to die" because that is so true and also hints that the sadness may not be forever. Then the next thing is the chorus and how you describe the power of dreams. I often dream so vividly that I feel the emotion strongly upon awakening. And third is this bit of wisdom, "You will remain young, never grow old"! That is really profound and very true. It reminds me of the "better to burn out than to rust" adage!

You wrap all of this up in a package that reaches my heart and touches me. Well done, my friend! Very well done indeed!