Everyday Recording

Everyday Recording

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Liner Notes: 

I really wanted to do a bunch of musical experiments and weird song-snippets and stuff this summer but instead I sat on my hands for a solid month. Here's some improvised tape-delay guitar loopy stuff to drag me back into the world of creativity!

Title taken from a cassette that I have sat in front of me, but all tape effects used in the actual recording are sadly virtual.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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As I'm listening, in my head I'm seeing a high speed robot assembly line.
Yeah, this is really relaxing and actually pretty mellow.
Those loops and delays are golden for sure.
A little trippy...
Really nice!!

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nice layers, nice build, this is a cool piece. There are videos on how to make your own continuous-loop cassette tapes -- I tried to do it but couldn't get it to work. I ordered some loop cassettes from somebody on Etsy who makes them, they're fun and useful. And way nastier sounding than a loop pedal.

There are some cool low, low fundamental bass notes in this with a very excellent sound. Totally feral!

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Right up my alley - and a fine reminder to do something in that vein for exactly the same reason: drag me back into the world of creativity.

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I love those dissonant guitar collisions! That looping riff is stuck in my head now.