Mining The Sands of Time

Mining The Sands of Time

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Liner Notes: 

Incidental music for Electric Catnip: Season One

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Whatever happens in Season One, it's pretty emotionally heavy, slightly ominous, but also noble and appears to bring with it a modicum of hope.

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Ooh, so lovely and lush.
You really make the most out of those Mellotron noises.
I'm loving the deep bass for sure.
This one is really great; I liked it very much.

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this is catchy enough to be theme uniquely identifiable.

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Sounds like a realization. A profoundly deep one thanks to the bass, but at the same time a light and airy one thanks to those strings.
Oh! That harp was cool!
When are you gonna be done with it? No pressure, take your time, of course. I'll wait, impatiently. Wink