Our World Inside The World

Our World Inside The World



Liner Notes: 

Trying to get back in the game here.

I remembered big time everything I love about Sonic Youth and how listening to Daydream Nation was a milestone event in my musical journey that made me start making music. So I tried to take dynamics and bits I like from their music and make it more riffy with no dissonance and odd feelings. I don't make music that is slow and weird. I like to make stuff that is fast and fun. I should try other things though.

The tuning is something I used on my greatest song "Magnus Bridge" two years ago, that I recently rediscovered when I finally found the tab sheet for that song. It's F#, A#, C#, F#, C#, F#. I think I went open G then half a step down then changed a few notes when I came up with that originally.

Lyrically this song is inspired by this one guy I always see at the grocery store and in random places who looks like a classic comic nerd. I've never talk to the guy but for some reason he seems like a character with a story. and sometimes I look at people and wonder things about their lives. For some reason that along with a picture of Aina The End from BiSH eating noodles on the toilet inspired me.

I need to remix this later, it's off.


Shout out, this is all about, the dude working at the grocery store
Packing bags and changing tags, wants to walk out the door

Employee deals make the meals, enough cheque to pay the rent
Sitting on the can eating ramen noodles, the only peace in this place of grease

Beats the crooks, in comic books, rob his till and he might kill
Owns a sword, and when he's bored, he's in the back cutting cans in half

Metal songs, his morning alarm, skips the shower for deodorant power
Where's the cat, where's she at, doesn't matter now he has to go

We're just normal parts
Of our world inside the world
We all play a part
In our world inside the world

In the morning, what is dawning?, he takes two buses and he never rushes
In this town, drive 15 minutes down, you'll be wherever you gotta be

We're just normal parts
Of our world inside the world
We all play a part
In our world inside the world
I look at you and try to find
Where you are in the world of mine and yours
You are the weirdo kind
You have a place in some world

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billwhite51's picture

love the wild guitar and the way you knock out those everyday images into a hallucinatory collage.

jcollins's picture

First, I looked at that picture...lol.

Looking at the lyrics...nice opening section telling about the guy in the store. The second section adds that picture...lol, very nice visual for people like me. The comic book section is really good too. Man, you come up with awesome rhyme schemes. Next part, where's the cat...that's too funny as I forgot to feed my cats this morning as I've been commenting all day so far. However, I did just feed them....and the dog. Chorus now...that works. The next section tells of this guys journey off to work...very nice. The last part ot the last chorus says you are the weirdo kind, that's perfect for this song. Yeah man, I read lyrics now before I even listen to the audio. I use to just listen to the audio demos but I find a much better experience looking to the details of peoples talent with their writing too. It's a good way to do this. I already know you can rock the house down so this is gonna be fun and am excited to hear this. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Side guitar...sounds good...bass now...another guitar now...drums kicking in now...power chords...sounds pretty jamming...cool groove...vocals now...sounds great...can clearly understand the lyrics...pay the rent...sit on the can...lol...changeup riff...vocals again...chorus now...sounds good...crashing drums too...definitely a headbanger tune...we are way apart inside their world...this world of mine and yours....weirdo kind...Wow guitar slide thing you do is amazing...sounds great...and out. Break now...nice change...progressive....drums kicking in again...different and more unique add to your song...still jamming along nicely....fade out now...ending. Awesome work on your new song! Very cool. By far you are my favorite rocker in the group.

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

I can definitely hear the Sonic Youth influence. I'll have to try that tuning! (For acoustic stuff, I often use CGCFCE.) Lyrics and vocal melody reminds me of The Replacements. You're very good at fusing emotional and rocking, just like they were. Love the weird noises at the 3 minute mark!

Silver Machine's picture

Mate, you are a rock n roll machine. This is great, loads of melody and loads of rhymes and I like the message. That is the magic formula.
Again I love the litte bits of your humour that pepper this: the line about 'skips the shower for deodorant power' and the 'cigarette bit' was a highlight.

benjo's picture

Well smash that guitar after the song
this was fantastic, you just blew me away
proper rock rip it up
loved everything about this
could go on and on and on

top lyric, I tip my hat to you

hope you do collabs

What a fun concept! I love the vivid imagining of this stranger's life - thinking of a grocery store worker slicing cans with his sword in the back room especially makes me grin. A catchy melody, and the alt tuning sounds really cool, too! Overall awesome job!