Didn't Even Know

Didn't Even Know

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Liner Notes: 

This cassette tape was hand delivered by Nancy Rost at FAWMstock.
Sequencer by @marvsmooth, synth pad by @Elesimo, bass noises (!) by @nancyrost, and I did vocals and echo guitar. I listened to the tape, opened my mouth, and the words that came out are what came out. I put a mic in "Figure 8" pattern 8' from the amp and sang into it from 4" away to get the balance. There's some distortion, not an engineering triumph.


I didn't even know he's my brother.

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Epic shoegaze here. Lovely, dreamy guitar. I'm slightly freaked out by the fact as I type this comment, the song appears to have been posted fifteen minutes into the future, but the vibe of the song fits the fact perfectly.

I was wondering about the "(!)" in the liner notes until my subwoofer jumped several inches off the floor, and then I understood. Biggrin

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I love how this turned out! I particularly like the big sound from all the instruments just as the vocal comes in, the swell around 4:40, and that wild ending.

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This is great! I love the vocals, the "I didn't even knoooow" is so haunting! And I love how arpeggio, pads, bass, guitar and vocals fit each other. Great job, everyone! <3

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This was so long in the making that I completely forgot about it, until someone posted up about it and I thought “I did a sequencer for a tape?”. Now I remember, but it’s strange when you start a tape, and then wait to find out what happens.

This was during a time when I was experimenting with my old equipment that I never use - sound modules, sequencers, and keyboards that I’ve not used for about twenty years.

I love Elesimo’s synth pads in there, that give it a beautiful almost haunting feel, added to by those fabulous “bass noises” by Nancy, and finally the cherry on the top of the guitar and vocal, that makes this not only one of the favourite things I’ve been a part of, but also one of my favourite pieces from any of these songwriting challenges!

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Hey, I enjoyed this. Still not exactly sure how it was all put together--especially with three (?) collaborators and all--but it did have my toe tapping. Interesting FX throughout!

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Omg!! I love this! Just downloaded it and had a third listen. Such a fantastic sound that scratches my musical itch. It all works together to create a mysterious almost underwater world (with bass humpback songs... very much the cry of some ‘being’ anyway). I would be so proud if I could create something like this. Bravo to all for the creative process and the nifty results!

4 track! Cool. I didn't know y'all did one this year. This has a cool swirly, dreamy sound to it. Honestly, the distortion seems intentional. I think it matches the vibe of piece well. Lots a interesting sounds in here. Pretty epic.

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The technical aspect of 4-track is well beyond me. I enjoyed the layers of sound in this. Very cool work you folks!

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Spooky sound comes in when the lyrics appear, like a beast. Every now and then the synth comes in with disharmonious chords. I get a positive, and then an ominous, vibe coursing through the song.

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Very chill. I like the sliding instrument. Could be a combination of bass and synth, but I think it's mostly bass. Vocals are interesting too. Vocals and guitar keep the whole thing from stepping over the line into unsettling and the synth ties it all together. Also, what is that very low thumping? Is that also the bass? You almost feel it more than hear it.

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By the way, @standup... there's a very traditional Brazilian song called "Chico Mineiro", that tells the story of two best friends that were cowboys who drove cattle. In their last trip, Chico Mineiro is killed, and the narrator discovers why they were so close: perusing Chico's documents, he discovers that they were brothers.

I like to think of this song as our version of "Chico Mineiro". Smile

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This song is captivating from the start. That synth beat, the pads, the deep bass pounding through my skull, the swirly guitar. Trippy! More music should be like this... fuzzy, unpredictable, wavy. I think the lack of drums is more than made up for by the sequenced synth beat. So much air in there! This is a great experiment everybody.

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Dang, I listened to this back when it was posted - must have been distracted and failed to comment.

The bass noises are like some kind of communication, whale noises or something! The sequencer gives everything a foundation to sit on. The synth pad and guitar create a cool atmosphere.

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Was this tape delivered from town to town in a DeLorean? Because it is clearly from the 80s. Great stuff.