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Liner Notes: 

VV: Sorry this took so long, @tsunamidaily! I had fun with your lyrics, I am apparently not the quick worker I once was!
Also - this is the recorded debut for my new guitar, a shiny blue Gretsch Streamliner!


verse 1

as a child you had it in a sippy cup
you could ask for it before you stood up
you learned "mine" before you learned whose
you learned you wanted your juice.

verse 2

no matter what your current vice may be
juice was your original DOC
back then there really wasn't any excuse
you just wanted your juice.


everybody wanting that juice juice
easier if you acknowledge that truth truth
we learn to hit the bottle from youth youth
everybody wanting that juice juice.

verse 3

seems it's a feature, not just a bug
juice is the OG gateway drug
before we're even able to choose
we're taught to want that juice.

--------------> SOLO


juice in the boardroom
juice on the street
juice in the back room
juice in the sheets
never seems to end in a truce
everybody wanting that juice.

juice in the bar room
juice on the block
juice is your cartoon
but juice is a crock
for the win, for the loss, or for the blues
everybody wanting that juice.


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This is delightful! Very detailed, lyric which covers a whole lot! It's got a deeper level that isn't apparent at first. I got a kick out of "juice is your cartoon but juice is a crock". The music runs with this and is a joy to listen to. Love how you play with the vocals in the bridge. Cool solo. Memorable melody. Fun cymbal at the end there. Great stuff!

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a rollicking bit of regressioj therapy. i like the unlikelly ornamentations in the arrangement that keep the musc from being standard country riffing.

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When my daughter was younger, and she'd see me enjoying a nice cold beer after doing some yard work, and she'd ask, "Daddy what's that?" I just said "it's Daddy juice." Then she'd get her apple juice and we'd do "Cheers!" Biggrin Everybody wanting that JUICE! Except I cut it with water sometimes because there's so much sugar in it...

The backing vocals in the second half are a nice touch. Also, I get more of a pop rock vibe there during the bridge, which melds nicely with the straight up country patterns of the verses.

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Big production - no wonder it took a bit longer! Very nicely done. Besides what the others already said: that guitar sounds fine!

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I've listened a few times now. At first I thought this was a fun, slightly silly song. The more I listen the more serious and poignant it seems, somehow. The bridge and the big double chorus finish are just fantastic. Guitar really sounds great. I love the melody and bvox. Ain't nothing I don't like here

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Fun! The new guitar sounds great and I particularly love the pre-bridge solo part.
Lots of fun rhymes and rhythms in the lyrics, I like the repeated end words in the chorus a lot.
Nice collab!

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This is so damn catchy. It's seriously hard to get out of my noggin'. Great job all around, for sure.