You Come To My Rescue

You Come To My Rescue

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Liner Notes: 

The words came easy. In fact, what I describe in the lyrics goes both ways - my wife and I co-own a business, and almost every day we remind each other to keep our cool. But outside of the business, my lovely wife has been gently reminding me of these things for years.
Had to wait til now to record because our daughter had the ukulele we shared.


You talk me out of stupid things I might do or say
Sometimes I do them anyway
Still you refrain from saying I told you
You read my letters to the editor before they’re sent
You save me from embarrassment
Honey you come to my rescue

It’s not that I lack impulse control
But when I get from you a sigh or an eye roll

I put down the phone before I call
Because profanity won’t help at all
Deep breaths - that’s what you taught me to do
Even when you’re not here
Your voice is soothing in my ear
Honey you come to my rescue

Tactics you so subtly deploy
You don’t treat me like a little boy

I still have one too many drink
I still yell at the TV when my teams stink
Those outbursts now thankfully are few
Now I look before I leap
Now I get my beauty sleep
Honey you come to my rescue

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What a charming song about the value of a trusted partner who's not afraid to share an opinion. A very good write.

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Wonderful sweet song. I wish everyone had someone so good to help them/save them. Charming take on skirmish.

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This is adorable and very relatable Biggrin I think it's something that happens in most relationships, we smooth out each other's rough edges. Great skirmish write!

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Looking at the lyrics...Ah, the first section is consistent with your liner notes. Sounds to me like you have a good wife, and life. Next section has the evil eye Next section on the phone getting mad but refrain from profanity...nice. Next don't treat me like a little boy...yes, the song is consistent in the message. The last section may be my favorite...too many drinks, team stinks, beauty sleep, honey you come to my rescue. Great job on this Chip. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Vocals and uke...sounds refrained from saying I told save me from embarrasement...honey you come to my rescue...when I get from you a eye Profanity won't help at all...deep breaths....honey, you come to my don't treat me like a little boy....last verse now...look before I leap...honey you come to my rescue...nice playing too. I like it a lot Chip.

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Sweet song. I like how you say she does all these things without making you feel like a little kid who doesn't know better; that's key in my opinion.
Makes me reflective on how we can all stand to have someone by our side!
Great voice+uke, has a gentle little bop to it as I caught my foot tapping along. Yeah, I think 'sweet' sums this one up for me; smile inducer

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very nice song. Im all for positive reflection and this is well done!

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Sounds like a perfect marriage Smile This should be a Valentines song for your wife Smile
It was well worth waiting for that uke - such a cute and poignant song - thank you for sharing.