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Liner Notes: 

Deanna posted a great lyric so I added some music. I hope you like it! I'm glad she does. Biggrin


(c) 2019
Deanna Sweidel

Make us feel so small
On your throne you sit so tall
But you will take the fall
When we rise above you all

Alone we feel like none
We must unite as one
To end the giant’s run
Undo the damage done

Us little folks won’t be compliant
We can stand and be defiant
On each other be reliant
And step up to beat the giants

To you we may look short
Our words you may distort
But your day will come in court
We’ll reveal how you extort

Alone we cannot win
Find the strength within
To end the giant’s sin
Pull out of this tailspin

Us little folks won’t be compliant
We can stand and be defiant
On each other be reliant
And step up to beat the giants

Made us feel so small
On your throne you sat so tall
But you just took the fall
And we rose above you all

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I loved the lyric and it sure made a great song! I love the guitar and the pace. Good one you two!

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Looking at the lyrics...the first section sets this up nicely. Next section we must unite. Next section brings in the giants. Hey! I'm a SF Giants fan! Next section clearly exposes the bully...not going to say who but we all know. Next section, alone we cannot win. Picking on my Giants again in the next The last section is a victory dance. Very nice Deanna. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Guitar intro...nice pause...vocals now...good melody...when we rise above you all...we must unite as one...can clearly understand the lyrics...changeup beat the giants. Nice shuffle on the guitar. Alone we cannot win...find the strength within...end the giants.....changeup again...very nice...beat the giants. Sounds like Dodger Nice guitar outro. Great job Alex. Great job by both!

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I'd say Go Blue Jays but they're already long gone...

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Really like that driving rhythm played on the acoustic. Great chord changes in between the singing. I liked those words, very catchy and clever. Enjoyable collab, it works!

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Terrific job on the lyrics--I've written a few songs where I'm rhyming every line with the previous and find myself "stretching" a little bit too much to make things work. You have done that and gotten great rhymes throughout. Wonderful guitar and vocal to interpret them. Super song!