Recommending Mice For Beginners

Recommending Mice For Beginners

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Liner Notes: 

This is a brief coda to another song I'm writing called 'Mice For Beginners'. Normally I try to avoid writing songs this short but there wasn't really much else I wanted to add to this one. Actually I didn't start writing 'Mice For Beginners' yet other than the title, but it'll be jollier and longer.

I have a chest infection of some sort and am very tired, so I'm sorry this song is weird, I'm sorry I sing some questionable notes at the end. I'm just sorry.

I forgot to set this song to 'nsfw' when I uploaded it, so sorry if anybody played it and heard the word 'motherfucker' and got fired.


Big data set in low resolution
It’s not massively difficult to see the benefits
But people’s egos can’t deal with anything
And that’s the reason for all this confusion

How many times do I have to tell you
I don’t listen to anybody
I don’t care about your feedback
I know what I’m doing
Orbiting around me and scramblin’ on tenterhooks
Makin’ eyes, and I deny, and I deny, I deny

Similar people stick together
Get bored of one another
No excitement under the covers
Then one day “bye bye motherfucker”

Lion taming, spinning plates
Pointing out all the sinners
Dinner with friends, eating
Recommending mice for beginners

I’ve been reincarnated too many times now
And I’m jaded by you humans and your
Makin’ eyes on tenterhooks
And I think I can break the cycle
But for you I can justify doing this one last time

Just lion taming, spinning plates
Pointing out all the sinners
Dinner with friends, eating
Recommending mice for beginners

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Well this is really great.
Wonderful lyrics and really good chord choices and vocal delivery for sure.
And kudos for using "tenterhooks" in a song.
So nice!

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This is a great, great song! Can't wait to hear the other one. Giving this one another listen now. I love your vocal delivery - that's quite a tumble of words, set against some awfully cool rhythm guitar.
We have a competition in our family to see who can use "motherfucker" first each day. But it has to be purposeful, and not negative. Awesome word.

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Excellent song and a great performance. The lyrics a are really good.

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I’ll agree with the rest, this is a really great song with good lyrics, a fabulous vocal delivery, and superb guitar rhythm and chord choices.

What a song!

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Cool tune; lots of sharp truths delivered in an amiable tone. I'm eager for more mice.

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Dang, you don't need my feedback...that's for sure. This is motherfucking great--jazzy blues for people like me, who don't like jazz or blues or klezmer music. Yeah, talking about music is hard. Let me just hit play one more time.

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This is excellent, love it. Adore the lyrics and the title is sublime Smile