Travelin' Toad

Travelin' Toad

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Liner Notes: 

Do you know about the Frog and Toad books for kids? I picture myself/the narrator as the frog in this tale.
I wanted to write a coffee song, and here's what happened.
In my bio, I wrote that this 50/90 would be banjo-focused. This is my 29th song, and I think 14 have banjo in them. So, not as banjo-centric as I thought, but still I'm picking often these days.


Coffee, gimme coffee
Said the traveling toad
Break of dawn, gotta be long gone
Gotta hop on down the road

He said coffee, I need coffee
Dark brown just like my back
Traveling toad, ain’t got no abode
Got nothing to pack

Coffee, gimme coffee
Said traveling toad to me
I was made to hop, when I gotta stop
It sure ain’t for tea

So I gave that toad some coffee
And a nip of brandy, too
Sun came up, handed me his cup
Tipped his hat, said toodle doo

Farewell, coffee-drinkin’
Never blinkin’
Got me thinkin’
traveling toad

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What fun! The banjo is perfect for this. I can identify with this toad needing coffee! A great song!

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Reminds me of those great Taj Mahal tunes I love so much. I'm going to give you the biggest compliment I can think to give to a folk singer... this song sounds like it's been around forever.

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Loving the funky connection and banjo playing works perfectly!

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Went shopping through your titles for a listen, and this one turned me on. There aren't enough personified animal songs anymore! And yes, I treasured the Frog & Toad stories, reading them to my niece and nephews, so that reminiscence is a plus right off the bat, just from reading your liner notes. Listening, I love your little "no, no, no" interjections that are not written into the lyrics. Really nice bendy banjo work on an occasional few stressed notes. Your style is quite nice. Rustic and relaxed and minimalist. Charming story, this little encounter. Enjoyed two listens.