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Liner Notes: 

Here is all you need to know about Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Edit (4-Aug-19):

Me: Hey, did I turn the bass back up after I recorded the vocals?

Also me: Nope.

Bass reinstated, and mix rebalanced. That's better.


Jacob's on the news again
In trademark stovepipe hat
He thinks he's a patrician
He's just an autocrat

Teach the children how to think
They'll start to question wars
Just teach the serfs obedience
It's all they're needed for

Jacob thinks he's well-equipped
to take a leading role
Not because he's competent;
because he's not a prole

Jacob's clothes and thinking
firmly rooted in the past
His party slowly shrinking
as the nation stands, aghast

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Love the raw punk vibe in this. The world view here is as grim as the world. Really like it was banging my head all the way through

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Unexpected - and delightfully so - punk/metal/grunge from you. With your usual guitar mastery, of course. Way to get out your aggression and frustration. Rock on!

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It's Prog-Punk!!!! What a jerkwad that dude is. Thankfully we have none of his species in the States. Oh, wait. What a jerkwad. Great tune. Love it. Esp. the guitar break around 1:50.

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Well at least Jacob Rees-Mogg has a lovely hat.
That's the most important thing here, I think.
That, and the fact that he's putting those dirty stinky regular folks in their place.
After all, he was literally born to lead, amirite?!?
Why should those upper class aristocrats be forced to listen to the rest of us?!?
Those in control always know best...