you wonder why (we're cheatin)

you wonder why (we're cheatin)

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(c) 08.03.2019 time and ink

verse 1

sat next to you in many a class
and i couldn't avert my eyes
answers to questions i woulda asked
were in your sweater in disguise
so instead i let you cheat off me
attempting to be the romancer
but we could only be so free
because we
didn't have the answers.

verse 2

it started long, it happened slow
the spark faded and died
yes it was quite some time ago
that i shown in your eyes
everything one day winds down
like music box dancers
our next act, we searched all over town
because we
didn't have the answers.


we didn't have the answers--
back then i had the answers and you--
you copied off me.
and you wonder why we're cheatin.


verse 3

you-were the first to go steppin out
but i was close behind
i think both of us left in doubt
for some truth we chose to find
but we didn't find our something more
just the coolidge effect enhancer
it's left our love a rotting corpse
because we
didn't have the answers.


we didn't have the answers--
thought you had the answers and i--
i copied off you.
and you wonder why we're cheatin.



we didn't even know the questions
we hadn't even done the reading
so what's with the suggestion
that you wonder why we're cheatin?


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Excellent writing. I had to keep reading the first verse as it wasn't quite sinking in (it's also very early). I like how it started with cheating in school and then moved into the lives of the two subjects. The form is great. Maybe it might get a demo? Let me know if/ when it does.

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Excellent! So creative and let me know as well if there's a demo

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Imaginative! How we evolve as cheaters - very intriguing. I have a cheater student from last year still trying to finagle me!

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Ahhh I love this kind of writing, really clever lyrics with a great double-meaning twist in there. I'm slightly obsessed with the Purple Mountains album at the moment, that guy writes a lot of stuff with a similar vibe. I'd be up for having a go at some music if my incredibly slow approach to the last one didn't put you off forever, lol