Karl Hungus Rides Again

Karl Hungus Rides Again

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Liner Notes: 

He fixes the cable?

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imagine prince, herbie hancock, and crtis mayfield laying down some murder music for charles bronson and here it is,,,all done by one person. wow,

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I do not know if he fixes cables BUT this definitely was the fix for my need to dance in my room this morning. Very fun stuff

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Dang it, *I* want to do funk--and I just seem to get that vibe. You've got it, man! This was great. What are you using for horns there? (Humans?)

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Thanks, Jerry. I used the Logic Pro horns that are built in. If you're careful about tweaking the articulations they don't sound too bad. They're pretty controlled though, they don't have that "overdrive" that a good funk horn player would have.