Make It One, A One Time

Make It One, A One Time

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Liner Notes: 

not what you may think


Make it one
A one time kiss
No need to repeat it
When its over
I will beat it
And I wont ever kiss you again

Make it one
A one tme dance
Then leave me on the floor
Isabella, nevermore
Will I take
You by the waist to embrace

Make it one
A one time stab
Directly to my heart
One thrust
From my beloved
Then I shall depart

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Wow, what a beautiful ballad.

Sad that they’re finishing their relationship, but it’s provided a great song, with a lovely performance.

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I definitely wouldn't have seen it as a booty call even though you mentioned beforehand that it wasn't. I was quite moved by your vocals and that guitar FX...quite effective! Such a sad coda on a relationship, but obviously it meant something to one of them at least.

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I love your deep Elvis-like voice and the mournful ballad. Now, I'm really not sure about the story, but it could be that you are dying because she literally stabbed you through the heart... which makes the love... complicated and literal

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Nice take on the "just one more time...PLEASE!" that we feel toward the end of our relationships. Bittersweet, and lovely as always.

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Looking at the, didn't expect that at all. A kiss, a dance, and a broken heart all in three simple sections. You certainly have a way with words and communication. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Tremolo guitar...and acoutic...vocals now...slow and moody sound... I think it's jazz...maybe blues...not time stab...directly to my heart...very nice....good vocals...I shall depart and out. Great job on this Bill.

Another great, Smile blow your brains out song! Wink it is better to break up 1x and not several over time.

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Lovely feel to this ... almost a European jazzy type thing. The tremolo guitar sounds great, as does your vox. You get across a lot with few words ... poetic!