Rock In A Box

Rock In A Box

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Liner Notes: 

I was at the community pool last week and was chatting with one of the lifeguards about music stuff and since I had my laptop with me I brought up Band-in-a-Box/Realtrack to show how you can generate stuff if you know chord progressions. This began as C, Am, F, G but I ended up transposing it to the key of D when I began generating the guitar solos. I play laptop better than guitar LOL. If you wanna do something with it let me know. I can mute the lead guitar stuff.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Sounds great, the steady drumbeat keeps the intensity high and the guitars sound fantastic.

jcollins's picture guitars...this tune moves pretty fast. Wow, that guitar playing is awesome. Good mix. Guitar change now...sounds great. Key change I think...very nice guitar playing and perfect style for this song....another crunch guitar coming in now...that works nicely. Fast hands on those guitars...nice. Ok, it's over and I have to say I didn't really expect this. I knew you play guitar but I didn't know you are that good. Great job on this.

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Unfortunately I did not play the guitars on this. It’s all programmed in Band-in-a-Box/Realtracks. My true skill is having the patience to regenerate an individual track multiple times until it sounds authentic. Smile . Truth be told, I’d of probably regenersted the second lead guitar a few more times but I was content with how they sort of kept out of each other’s way when they both came together.

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this is very cool, really into the summer rock vibe, I dig it.

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This is really cool. I like the two different guitar voicings talking to each other throughout the song. One of them is hotter more like modern rock, and the other cooler tone makes me think of the blues more.