This Feeling

This Feeling

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Liner Notes: 

Made this on the 26th.
At the time I was having creative....disagreements...uh...within myself...??? Yeah, that's it.
Made a few songs during that period that I have not posted.
But I like this.
A lot.
Was vocal shopping as usual and I loved the sound of the "i cannot stop this feeling"...loved what it said and how it said it. Chopped it up a bit and stretched it to fit my tempo.
Found the "heyyyyy" sample and felt it fit so well, so I did stuff to it.
Used my synth vox for the "come on, baby...let's go, baby"
I felt it all came together for a light-hearted time with a good beat and feel.
Used a bunch of my chiptune/game stuff along with some more traditional hip-hop drum kits.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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i really love these down tempo grooves with dreamy girl vocal samples. i also like it when repitition has the effect of taking you deeper into something

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Cool vibe, I love the breathy vocal combined with the "Can't stop" sample. And the lo-fi chiptune tones. Nice build, great groove. I listened a couple of times and never heard your "Come on baby" bit. I think you may have buried that a bit too much. In my humble opinion.

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Oooh, you had me smiling from ear to ear with this one. I listened out for the "come on baby", but I missed it as well. I tell you what, didn't take away from the feeling I got grooving to this!

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what a great vibe
though repetitive it works well because
just that line this feeling speaks volumes
loved the music you crafted for this
Loved the build to this too

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I like the spacey opening and vocal and how more things get added to it. It's got a cool groove to it and the repetition is catchy.

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Electronica's not my thing...but these sounds are pretty awesome! Reminds me of the theme for Bosch (Amazon Prime detective series) which is another ear worm: "I got a feeling and I can't let go..." Sometimes a simple open message with terrific instrumentation just works! Give rose