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Liner Notes: 



Home from work/ the meal is made
TV's on, few words we say/ trying our best 2 settle from the work day
I'm thinking loud/ your thoughts r soft
Apart from glances we don't talk
The Monday scheduled routine has us well-trained

Ohh, ohhh, ohhh

I'm exhausted/ U r 2
And it's nothing either do
2 motivate us 2 commit an action
Plagued by day/ chased by night
Uncertainty a dreadful plight
Our casualties r piling up frustrations

Uke solo

We both wonder where we r
How did we get this far
Tethered but our walk together stumbles
Separate sleeping/ different days
2 see each other is a maze of rooms without an entrance or an exit

Ohh, ohh, ohh


Oh so slowly falls apart/ the fortress built around your heart
That lulls us into apathy

Wasted kisses/ wasted time
Wasted on what's yours and mine
I love Us said with less and less no more

Empty gestures/ empty space
Emptiness is what we face
and yet we never say just how we feel

Loneliness although we care
Some happiness we cannot spare
We're emptied from a kind of neglect

Ohh, ohh, ohh...

2019 The Jelly Factory!
Wasted on

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That lyric is so sad... and yet the music and your wonderful vocals make it so gorgeous and palatable.., and relatable... it is a wonderful song sparked by sadness..

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your vocals are so soft and articulate, moving along at a brisk tempo, yet never pushing. ihear a strong Prince here, yet your own style over rides those mannerisms. the lyrics are slick and you slide so swiftly along with them that it doesnt sink in until later that the story you tell is really heart breaking.

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A devastating portrait of a relationship stuck in a rut.. or worse. The music itself isn't necessarily all sad-sounding but I think you did right to keep the vocals up front in the mix.

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This is joyful at the music and melody and heart wrenching in the lyrics. Somehow my favorite kind of contrast, like bittersweet, spicy and cool, a good chocolate lava cake with cold cold icevcream.

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This is really special! Brilliant lyrics with a beautiful vocal delivery so suited to the song.

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Its like 'i need/want you...but...get away from me for now cause I just got too much going on and don't feel like being bothered'...may be way off but that's what i get from it. "Emptiness is what we face and yet we never say just how we feel" oy, powerful writing.
I feel as if I could apply this to so many relationships in my life, not even just romantic ones. Pushing away people...and all the little reasons why that tend to stack on top of eachother to the point we can't really explain anymore, so that the other person/people UNDERSTAND why we're doing it.
ANYWAY lol enough of that...its saturday and I don't feel like being sad lol
Unexpectedly playful tune with a gentle vocal delivery, and I think that makes the lyrics that much more poignant. Speaking of the music, its really a got a different feel to it; I like the elec piano's pattern and the rhythm paired with the chords you're using - it sets a vibe that is lighthearted and still has depth. And how did you get the uke to sound like that?! That's a very cool effect!

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Good descriptions here that paint what feels like something that can easily happen between people. The vocal has a soft quality to it, like they're not quite apathetic...but maybe wondering how it got that way. The music is lovely! Inspired.

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Oh so on pint on what this society does to relations. People tend to forget whats important.

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Nice smooth vocal. A sad lyric, but upbeat music, gives this a documentary feel.
I could hear this as a sitcom theme, though that may not be how you intended it.

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Wow, exquisite music, and really intriguing, thoughtful lyrics. Lots of very relatable lines in this. A pleasure to listen to.

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Great lyrics, but my attention was drawn to the arrangement, love the bels, and most certainly love the 'uke' solo. The ohh-ohh chorus is simple but perfect.

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How did you manage to make such sad lyrics about the loss of love to make upbeat, catchy, full of positive vibes! That's amazing. Amazing song. It feels simple yet complex, sad yet happy, gentle yet powerful, devastating yet the hope is somehow there! Did I say amazing?