Cool Summer Sweet

Cool Summer Sweet

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Liner Notes: 

Super cute and sexy summer lyrics from Liz. Thought it made for something fun to musicicate on the uke.


temperature is rising
sun so bright and hot
I need some relief
from the heat wave we’ve got

there’s iced lemonade
cherry popsicles too
I need to cool down
not get hot next to you...

cool summer sweet...
hot passion heat...
waking up my lips
with each touch and kiss
cool summer sweet...
hot passion heat...
dripping down my chin
inviting you in
cool hot summer passion
sweet heat

thermostat is broken
now losing all control
skin is burning up
chasing where this will go

inhibitions are waning
doused by desire
the heat is so intense
our bodies are on fire


melt me with your charm
wrap me up in your arms
feel my affection
with sweet confections
dripping cool summer sweet
in our hot... hot... passion heat


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hot summer sexy fun. quick and rollicking rhythms. vocals bouncing like a jog along the beach

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Fun song! Reminds me of living in Florida last summer!

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I forget what a good singer you are. Nice collab--very melodic and fun.

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Hi Val, I already comment on these lyrics and followed the link over here, which is always a good place to be. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. uke...sounds good...vocals now...sounds great...I need some relief from the heatwave...good melody...bodies on fire...nice pauses as you play this...vocals very strong and the song flows nicely. Ok, it's done...I like everything about it...great job on this Val.

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Does what it says on the tin. Nice work to you both! The unwritten vocalese is great in a lot of places here, and the words are powerful and in places, aching.