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Liner Notes: 

I was told that years ago when they were coming up with something that would kill off weeds they couldn't narrow it down to only kill the weeds off. So what did they do? They changed the definition of what a weed was to include the other plant life it did kill off. A dandelion hadn't been a weed until then (or so I recall... sorry, I don't have any sources on this) Wink

So... I must admit that I do use some lawn treatments... so I'm kind of a hypocrite for writing this song. But in the end, It's not really about dandelions.

I've been trying to find a melody to go with this song... but I've given up for now. Collabs are welcome!


You decide the perfect yard
Is a spotless spikeless green
With no yellow, reds, or blues,
Or anything else obscene

So, Okay maybe,
I’m not pretty as a daisy
But spreading toxins across the earth,
Seems rather lazy.

You yell and scream, and tell the grass
You hate the sight of us
But we’re not weeds, we’re beautiful flowers
And you’re just poisonous
We’re dandy dandelions
We’re dandy dandelions

You can’t differentiate between
A flower or a spike
So you set a new standard
Of what a lawn should look like

But I look great in a vase
And add nutrients in a smoothie
Instead you want to send away
A bouquet of beauty.


Our roots grow deeper than your hate,

This lawn is not always yours,
Soon there will be someone new
Someone who cares more
For flowers yellow, red, and blue

They will tend to the plants
With such care and precision
For creating the perfect yard
Is not about division.


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A good lyric but one which sadly reflects the deep levels of manipulation that we are only more recently recognizing. Well said!

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Great pointed and relevant important perspective.

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I'm the war between dandelions and me, dandelions kicked my butt. I didn't use weed killer though cause I don't really like that stuff, refurbish since my dog roams around in the grass. I tried to pull them up by hand. For the record, they still come back. :P But anyway, your song made a great point about the chemical companies. They don't really care that the stuff they make is pure poison, but they sure do care about turning a profit. They just put some spin on their advertising and bombard us with propaganda. Next thing you know, everyone wants to kill off the dandelions.

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I agree with your song. Dandelions don't get the treatment or justice they deserve. Beautiful ornaments.

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Beautiful lyrics and sentiment Dawn. Hope to hear them. Your gorgeous voice is on every word!