Just For Fun

Just For Fun

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Liner Notes: 

Looked at Lyric Cloud and used these words: Angel, bone, girl, crypt, cellar, burn, side, stained, marks, rain, skinned. I'd love someone to do this one


Just For Fun
© 2019 Cindy Prince

I had angel bones for breakfast
I slept in a crypt with a blind girl
I drank rain rather than soda
I flew a canoe around the world

I burned towels rather than bridges
I turned a boy into a mime
I ripped stained glass with no hands
I was a chimney sweep part-time

I slept on my side deep in a cellar
I made purple marks on the sun
I wrapped a leader in a tortilla
I skinned a pumpkin just for fun

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I love this stuff! i dint over read them but enjoy them! might have a second read to see if theres something else Wink fun stuff

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This is really fantastic, Cindy! The lines are perfect and the nonsense images you created are marvelous.

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Are you writing about me? haha "I had angel bones for breakfast" that must be me:) Love it, very quirky

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So cool to use the lyric cloud...you've brought many distinct images together and created something fun! I especially like the angel bones for breakfast!!