god thinks i'm a badass

god thinks i'm a badass

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(c) 08.01.2019 time and ink

verse 1

the world tilts sideways
still i cling
the world owes no-one
a single thing
the world gutpunches me
and i'm left to gasp--
because god thinks i'm a badass.

verse 2

the truth hits strong
ten tons of truck
the truth cries long
blind to luck
the truth ends... in a deep morass
-- i wonder now if i can handle anything--
seems god thinks i'm a badass.


god thinks i'm a badass
at least that's how it seems
my best days are worse
than the worst of your dreams
and if i think about it
i could fall apart at the seams
and i'm hopin' that changes fast--
'cause god thinks i'm a badass.

verse 3

the blues light is dim
it's a tough road to see
the blues serves no end
but to illuminate me
the blues aims to teach,
but it seems i'm master class--
what makes god think i'm a badass?

----------> SOLO



yes, it's a big ask
not sure i can last
it's why life
takes me to task
god thinks i'm a badass.


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this would have been perfect for johnny cash. it is still perfect fr someone with the johnny cash style and attitude. a boy named sue 30 years later.

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Gosh, I love this! And I agree with Bill about the Johnny Cash vibe. Artfully great!

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Fantastic outcast/downcast kind of chorus - the depths of darkness are palpable. Well done.