(Wouldn't That Be) Something?

(Wouldn't That Be) Something?

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Liner Notes: 

Cindy invited me to add some music to her whimsical nonsense lyrics. I could have easily gone for something with a quirky feel to match the lyrical theme but I ended up instead taking it in this kind of laid-back, summery direction.

the detail - Lowden acoustic, Fender mustang bass, LABS electric piano + tank piano + handbells, Addictive Drums, SI string section,


If all the rivers ran together
And the rainbows were just white
If we wore shoes on our hands
And the sun shone at night
If the melon that you bought
Was the one that took a bite
Wouldn't that be something?

If all the cars went to work
And your TV watched you
If baby dolls came to life
And it was fish that really flew
If all the blades of grass
Changed from green to blue
Wouldn't that be something?

If all the books had no ending
And we got milk from unicorns
If the moon was a triangle
And jazz was played on alpine horns
If your coffee was always pink
And you could buy it with peppercorns
Wouldn't that be something?

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Love this! I wasn't sure what to expect with my off the wall lyrics-but this is great! A little Jamaican sound (sort of). It's fun! I like what you did
with the 3rd verse too. Interestingly, last night, I dreamed in order to evolve, one had to do it in a triangle Smile Thanks!

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Very comforting tune. Interesting lyric, perfectly delivered.

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Lovely song with a sweet and joyful feeling. I really like the woodblock and the laid-back acoustic guitar. The surreal lyrics are delightful, I really like the "if the rainbows were just white" line.

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Summery, indeed.
This has so much that I love.
The voice, the arrangement, the LYRICS, the musical vibe…every element is spot on for my ears.
Nice change at 1:43…just little touches like that, something different to give the entire song a bit more color and add to the already awesome vibe.
Yeah, ‘vibe’ is what this is all about – the lyrics are perfect, as if cindy wrote this and already knew this is what would come of them – perfect team up here.
Oy, so good..

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Wow! I love this! The music is PERFECT and Cindy's fun lyrics are awesome. This song sounds like summer! It tastes just like summer! It feels... just like summer.

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I adore the backing rhythm in this ! Perfectly fits the lyrics and vocals. The laid back vibe to the music, melody and rhythm really add to the quirky gentle words. Perfect Smile

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I started listening to this thinking how fun it sounded, but listening to the lyrics, I started to realise that it's nightmarish ("and your TV watched you" instantly made me think of George Orwell's 1984). Tim's glorious delivery does a lot to soften things, but carnivorous melons? Brrrr, no thanks!

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the reflective music compliments the impossible world imagined by the singers