Single and Free

Single and Free

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Liner Notes: 

This is the first relationship song that I have written this year.

Production notes: I think it took about 3 or 4 hours...I don't know.


Single and Free

Single and free
The way he likes it to be
Nobody telling him how to behave
Let his hair grow if he doesn't want to shave

He use to write love songs all the time
He tried to write a hit but he never made a dime
All those records that he never could sell
He has no more love stories that he can tell
He is doing fine just being on his own
He goes to work and then he goes home
Too much attention to his behavior
So she ended the deal to do him a favor


He is getting tired of being alone
Always on the internet and sometimes on the phone
He still rocks out on his guitar
But you will never find him playing in a bar
All the problems with his relationship hassles
He always ended up being the azzo
It's a two way street and anyone can cheat
He found out about her and then he just freaked

One day a woman was flirting with him
He is getting lots of attention even from men
But he don't want the hassles of getting involved
He wants to be single to avoid a mess
He will probably change his mind; it is a good bet

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I liked this from the first note. Reminded me in style of Jonathon Richman and the young lovers. Strong lyric and here cones that guitar again! Nice one.

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That was fun. Sounded like it could be in “Grease.” So retro!

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jerrys songs often have that modern lovers thing happening but its just one of the things that make hm stand out from the crowd. in this song, i like the way the vocal is both inside and outside of the music at the same time. its breaking through but ever loses a beat. and his guitar is something else. the sound is totaly unique and the playing as wild as it gets.

and this is another good one.

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new song I like it bro. It has a fun title and great lyrics. Your guitar solo sounds awesome.

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The lyrics just made me chuckle. Very fun song. Rockin guitar solos! Even that really made me chuckle. That one just went off the charts towards the end of it. Smile

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What guitar solos! Love that sound! The lyrics keep you listening and the music almost has a Creedence vibe to it, very melodic.