Please Don't Lose Your Way

Please Don't Lose Your Way

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Liner Notes: 

Sort of a protest, in a way. More advice, I guess. I think so many get off track and never listen to themselves. Needs music and vocals.


Please Don't Lose Your Way
© 2019 Cindy Prince

If you care only for the fetus
But not the migrant child
If you only want big business
But care nothing for the wild
If greed is all that matters
And dark skin should be exiled

This is my advice today
Please don't lose your way

If your preacher spews hate
Tells you who to vote for
If leaders no longer lead
But act in ways that you abhor
If they tell us to hate one another
And you think the answer is war

This is my advice today
Please don't lose your way..don't lose your way

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dems fightn words! and true, except from where i sit i think lost is already there time for people to find their way back! very strong protest song!

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this lyric makes me remember the eve of the 1980 election, with pat robertson telling all his membes of the 700 Club to vote for Reagan,