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Liner Notes: 

sometimes i browse the net to see what old friends have been up to. in 1987, i made an album with twio young women, a vioinist and a cellist. the cellist moved to india ad married. the cellist started her own chamber group in california. i was checking youtube for recent concerts of her group and when i clicked on her name was shocked to see her at a memorial service for her celllist friend, delivering a painfaul eulogy. i was moved and saddened to the core by the words she spoke about her lost friend. when it was over, i picked up the guitar and this song came out with my tears.


Krista was your friend
I liked her too
She inspired this song
Im singing for you

It was 1987
The ground was getting cold
Both of you were such a large part
Of the story I told

You and I sat by the river
In the evening twilight mist
You asked if it would be dangerous
If we kissed

Krista played the cello
You play the violin
We could have gone the distance
But sometimes you just cant win

Krista was your friend
I liked her too
She inspired this song
Im singing for you

She was young and coltish
You were fanciful and strong
I remember every moment
Through the years that weather long

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and you said mine was sad!!! crikey this is so heartfelt - real life is realer!

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Oh Bill! I am so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful tribute though. Touching

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I had a similar experience this year, Bill. Tried looking up my old high school band instructor that I hadn't seen in 50 years. Finally located him and he'd died 6 months before. Dang! I lost my other high school mentor (my math teacher--I ended up being a math major because of him) a year ago. SO...I made it a point to locate my only other ex-teacher that I missed and hadn't seen forever--my college Shakespeare professor--and just saw him a few weeks ago. Anyway, your song speaks to me of that sense of loss with these old friendships. Great job, as always.

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Well, she had friends like you, - that's a l l o t. What more can be said or observed. -- Good one for a good one!

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First, interesting liner notes on this one...sounds pretty sad.

Looking at the lyrics...very nice opening verse. next section goes back to where it started. Next section has some very nice visuals...river, twilight mist, kissed. The next section with the cello, violin, and a near hit. Chorus again now. Interesting choice of words in the last section, coltish and fanciful. Very good lyrics Bill. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Nice guitar intro...vocal now...the story is unfolding now. Vocals sound good. I notice this song is written in the second person. Little bit of shuffle guitar now....chorus again. Very nice and touching song Bill...great job on this.

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What a story - well-told, well-sung, well-played. I'm giving this a second listen now because in the first listen I was paying so much attention to how the story unfolded in your voice, yet I also noticed the compelling guitar playing. So second listen was with more emphasis on the guitar - again, your playing tells the story nicely, elegantly dramatic.

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This is a lovely tribute to a friend. The guitar and vocal deliver a gentle, sincere story and it brings warmth to listen to it. Sorry for your loss.