Moonlight Gardens

Moonlight Gardens

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Liner Notes: 

Moonlight Gardens was a large open sided dance pavilion located on the Ohio River at an amusement park known as Coney Island. The park was one of the first to have the manicured shrubbery and carefully handled customer service. All the big bands of the day, Kenton, Ray Anthony, Basie, Billy May, etc, etc.played there and you could get in for three dollars.



Down along the river
By the Ohio
Was a magical dancehall
Where we liked to go

Big dance floor with
Tables all around
Big bands played here
When they came to town

Dancing’s not what
I do real well
But when crowds got big
It was really swell

You couldn’t do
The steps you might
Just swayed a little
And held her tight

Moonlight Gardens
We all determined
The perfect place to
Hear Woody Herman

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