The Good Ones

The Good Ones

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Liner Notes: 

An acoustic demo written originally some time ago but updated and still a work in progress. I've lost a lot of friends, many of them musicians, in the last few years so wanted to write something for them.


The Good Ones

The good ones don't win prizes till they're gone, while the rest of us just try to carry on
And we sit and watch the setting of the sun without the good ones
And the world just keeps on turning in their wake, while we plead with heaven there's been a mistake
And demand a chance to have second take, for the good ones

All the prayers and bargaining with angels just fill empty air
All we want from someone with an answer
Is to tell us what's fair

So while we try make some sense of why they're gone
The bad stuff all around us carries on
If the world was fair we'd still be hearing songs
From the good ones

And for every minute that they walked the earth, from the joyful celebration of their birth
Through every minute that the road was worth
They're the good ones

Roy R Henderson

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This song is one of the good ones. Pretty, heartfelt, and real.

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Beautiful guitar. Nice melody. Such thoughtful and bittersweet lyrics. I love your rhyme scheme. It's all in there, with internal rhymes in the linnes, yet remaining conversational. Excellent writing.

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This has some of the soul-searching earnestness of early Jackson Browne. Beautiful melody, sad but honest lyric, really nice singing!