Fire Escape to Leaven

Fire Escape to Leaven

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Liner Notes: 

Well, as most self-jams go, this gets a better feel toward the middle-end/end. Smile So, I hope I have a melody I can pull out later.

This is just a rhythm, drone string, bounce track, one take, actually while writing (with a very familiar grove I use just to musicate, so I sing to it pretty "together", but will always need to be redone for more originality/creativity); the "lead" overdub as well, is one-take, no cuts fully noodled dry tracks both, -- aside from dup'd and L/R'd. The whole recording took maybe fifteen minutes.

-- Anyway, it will get redone, just didn't want it to get lost before summers end. And amazingly had time to do this even. I just didn't want to go a few weeks w/o playing a guitar.


Fire escape to Leaven, our new stairway to heavens’
You’ll climb their ladders, and risk them shove’in
And clap steel on steel, please know the feel // //

Realize to late, when self filled with hate
And like all the rest, take satan’s bate
The escape has no climb, down in the mine // //

It’s an easy path, the you and me graft
Just a quick cut and splice, it on the tough rice [Note: common grass used as *"food"; to heady maybe?]
Then grow in their plan, and not with His rough

All that glitters and rolled, so well for you
In a juuled clean tab, for you to have
Is the price, you pay, but only to stay

‘Cause the escape to Leaven, the one you seek
Only goes down not up, all’s quiet no peek
Escape to Heaven, our new stairway to Leavens’

Heave’in you’ll climb, down their ladders then,
Risk them shove’in clap steel, on steel, it’s reel, [no-typo]

Then you’ll know the feel, // //
Of life deception peels // //

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Well whatever you did keep doing it the effects are cool, the guitar has great resonance and the lyric and vocals stand up well. Good song mate

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i like the sound and th deescending chords wolrk well with the melody and lyric. the rhythmreally keeps the song moving, love that light guitar line in the background too.

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Looks like you posted lyrics first, so I read those first. Poetic structure and rhyme.
Great song - if you redo, don't do too much to that guitar interplay. Your voice sounds assured, too - totally in control.
To me, it seems like you'd been gone from forums and music-making for a while. Hope all is well!

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the sneaky background solo makes it not so serious as it sounds. Otherwise - just another breadmaking anthem Smile

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Digging the bluesy guitar the tone of those bended note.
Great rhythm to this with the guitar strumming.
Your familiar vocal stylings work really well in this bluesy vibe.
Like the 'noodling' I'm hearing underneath; adds so much.