Vegan Lament

Vegan Lament

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Liner Notes: 

Andy Getch: Sent a base acoustic guitar track to @Adnama17, she added the chorus and percussion. I added the lyric.

Adnama17: I added bass as well.
I have a love/hate relationship with tofu. I love it when someone else prepares it. Tofu hates me when I prepare it. What else can I do but lament?!


Vegan Lament
F A C D repeat progression

She sips her steaming coffee
Breaks out in a shivering sweat
Trying to kick the monkey
But he’s not having any of it yet

Tofu on my plate
Why the rampant hate
I’m so hungry now
To thee I humbly bow

Jerks me to the left and right
Hormones and antibiotics have taken a toll
Squirming on my seat
Listen to the whine as my wheels roll

Repeat chorus

She stabs that tofu with a fork
Sitting on the line
Pushing her over the edge with instant torque
Sings her song one more time

Repeat chorus

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This is such an Andy/Adnama collab... Biggrin
Both of you show your strengths in this song and it's just uniquely yours. AWESOME.

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Haha this is great! I may have to write one about the face my husband made when he tried a vegan sausage!

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Really nice vocal here! Nicely arranged. One of the best songs about tofu that I've ever heard. Wink Seriously--really enjoyed this guys. Nice collab!

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Ha, I know what you mean. Anyway, since my girlfriend went vegan I'll have to adapt. Drown em slices in spices and soja sauce and fry them, that's what works best for me. That was a fun listen anyway.

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I'm not really sure what's going on here lyrically, but I do know that I like it.
Big fan of the dual vocals.
The minimal guitar is really effective.
Great collab here, folks!

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She sounds dangerous. I mean, she says that she will bow in respect to the tofu, but then look at what the narrator says she does! Stabs it! The poor tofu!!! This is like a Raymond Chandler story done in paint made with soy bean paste! Smile

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Tofu sounds like it's not on Andy's list of favourite things - the tone in which he delivers his lines here is obviously very heartfelt. He sings about pushing Amanda's character over the edge, but to me it sounds like it's Andy's character that's about to snap!

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This is sooo great! Love the lyrics throughout. The deadpan delivery in the verses is just perfect, and the chorus sounds so heartfelt. I spent a decade eating vegetarian and never got comfortable with tofu. Tempeh was easier. Turns out I'm allergic to soy, so I don't eat either anymore Sad Smile

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Ah, a song with more bass than guitar (volume wise), it's been a while I heard one of those and I like it very much. This is sending out some very good vibes cause I think your voices go well together. More of them would be nice!

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I like the contrast between the world weary, spoken word verses and the lovely sounding chorus vocals. This is cool. I like the arrangement, the instrumentation, a lot. You two managed to get this meat eater to feel for ya. .