team rocket hideout

team rocket hideout

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Liner Notes: 

at least there's sus chords in the bridge. that's my only consolation for listening to this. i think this is my only song so far that doesn't have any time sig changes. i revoke my prog badge to mike portnoy, in hopes he will sign it.

i'm pretty sure the vibraphone soundfont is identical to the one in Age of Empires II lmao

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For some reason I keep on having Frank Zappa's "Jazz From Hell" album swirling around in my head as I listen to this. This is wonderfully complex, dissonant, atonal and angular, lots of jagged edges and pointy corners. Love it Smile

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I... cannot wrap my head around being compared in any way to Zappa, so... thank you! I'm glad you like and can appreciate the angular lines I threw down - often I fear others will think it's unlistenable! So, thank you for proving me wrong. Biggrin

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You grabbed me with the title because of Pokemon. Dig the interplay of that bass and kick drum to open. Already caught my ear with the jazzy stuff. And dang that vibraphone playing is sweet. A little time signature change never hurt anyone. Nice technicality and musicality - the use of dinky-ish sounds give this a fun, video game vibe. You know what you're doing and yet not taking yourself too seriously, I think

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Muahaha, this is the only song of mine so far that doesn't actually have any time sig changes, just a whole lotta syncopation! I love tricking the ear in both ways: providing rhythmic instability to insinuate odd times while staying in 4 and also making odd time sigs flow naturally so that it isn't a completely conscious change to the listener. Music's cool. That last line of yours has given me something to think about.

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Oh this is so nice!!
Nah, man, you definitely get to keep your prog badge.
Robot jazz prog.
Yeah, I really enjoyed this for sure.

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Oh man, if I get to keep my prog badge I still hope I can get Portnoy to sign it...