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Liner Notes: 

In prison slang an internal message is a "kite." Made this for Fuzzy to rework, but I'm sticking it up here as a point of reference, and because it's kind of nice on its own. I used my now-adult daughter's half size violin which she got 10 years ago or so, and which I obviously don't know how to play, plus a 3 dollar penny whistle and some guitars. Smile

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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It is rather nice on its own. Loved it. Creatively branching out into the slow lane, are ya? It looks good on you. Just about killed me with those trailing screeches, though. My sister played violin and she’d have had my head if I did that! Otherwise, rather beauteous!

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Wow, neat drone vibe! I like that half-size violin sound - it has a slightly oriental sound to it? That low guitar bend is a neat sound too. The penny whistle gives a Native American sound. A neat, world-music vibe all around. Hypnotic Smile

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Yeah stands on its own. Like some kinda road trip soundtrack thing.

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Hypnotic kinda travelling vibe here. Interesting combo of instruments that somehow work really well together.

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As I have said, this is quite a lovely piece of music on its own.
Very atmospheric.
I love love love the drones here.
Really nice job with the violin; sometimes not knowing how to play an instrument is an advantage.
Still working on my version....

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So this how it sounded before Fuzzy. I too get an oriental feel, it's almost impossible not to from the one chord drone, the bent low notes, and the violin. I also hear a bit of Velvet Underground, the sound is cleaner though, well almost everything is cleaner sounding than VU. I quite enjoy this, the screeching noises too. It's a nice departure and would work very well on an album if a change of pace was needed.

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After I heard what @Fuzzy came up with, I had to hear this one, too.
Lovely, atmospheric song - lots of swoopy and drone-y and trippy sounds to appreciate. An exotic Far East feel, too. Good stuff.