off the wall

off the wall

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Liner Notes: 

The music for this was the second improvisation from Tuesday July 23rd with the Catalytic Perverters. I wrote lyrics and recorded vocals today, one week afterward. A lot of NSFW from me this time out. Not how I usually like to fly.


needing, needing
a reason for being
beyond the biological defaults

I told you and told told you
none of this would come true
another plan slips off the wall

hindsight, hindsight
20/20 all night
I just can't get any sleep at all

regret, regret
can't take it back, can't forget
if i get up, I'm just going to fall

I'm just throwing shit at the wall
it piles up on the floor
but something's got to stick

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This is great, the rock is rolling my friend, love your voice, the perfect rock voice. I just wish there was more of this one, it can grow to become even more incredible