Grin and bare it

Grin and bare it

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Liner Notes: 

A consideration of the post-truth world we currently inhabit. Intentional pun title, obvs...


Could you be a 'liar' if you've never told the truth?
What's your point of reference? There isn't any proof;
Maybe I'm uncertain and reality's to blame?
Try another flavour though they all taste just the same

'Once upon an algorithm' opens up a door
To vanishing and polishing your fairy tales and more
'It wasn't so; it wasn't me, I never said those things,'
But they won't mind, we've made them blind with unicorns and wings

You just grin and bare it
You just grin and bare it
You just grin and bare it

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Very thought-provoking lyrics for sure. Love the pun in the title and chorus. Nice acoustic punk feel to the track too.

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"once upon an algorithm" is an excellent phrase. The vocal phrasing almost reminds me of Tori Amos, which doesn't entirely make sense to me, but there you go!