My Heart's Gone Too

My Heart's Gone Too

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Liner Notes: 

This is my version of the fake it challenge song

Swapped out one D major chord for a D7

I started on my version during my stay at the cabin, and due to making it without a metronome it ended up having some odd time signatures and tempo changes, fun challenge and quite satisfied with my results

Sigma Hummingbird acoustic guitar, Danelectro 12 string electric guitar, piano, P bass, Moog Prodigy, Critter and Guitari Pocket Piano, percussion and programmed drums in Addictive Drummer 2 and Ableton Live


Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Um, WOW.

That's a great take on the song and very unique approach to tempo/timing. Love it!

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Wow...this is a primetime song.
Crap...I guess I wasn't supposed to listen to this if I wanted to participate...but screw that cause this is a friggin awesome track that I'm glad I listened to.
The production is high caliber here. All the little nuances with the drum programming, the synth bits weaving through that gorgeous guitar. And then your vocals...
First song I've listened to this morning and really got me into a good listening mood. Such perfect melodies and structure...
Seriously, this could easily be something I've come across on Spotify and added to my library.

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This is really good. Very fresh take on the Fake it Challenge. I like the soft sad feeling, it's kind of magical and fairytale-like. 70s progressive music vibes are strong, too. Awesome production, lots of details to listen and discover. Those dry drum sounds really take me back and made me smile. I like this a lot.

It's amazing how different and good versions people come up with @metalfoot 's lyrics and chords.

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Yup this is a beauty. Does have a magical feel. Gentle vocals really enhance a delightful musical backdrop.

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This is awesome! One of the best I've heard so far this 50/90. Beautiful changeups and a great vocal but most of all just incredibly, magically melodic!

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Oops, wasn't meant to listen to this as I meant to do the challenge... but glad I did! Love the use of different time sigs, they lend a sense of imbalance and disquiet which suits the melancholy of the lyrics well.

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OOh all the proggy goodness. When the synths come in on the first chorus it is transcendent.