I Know a Place

I Know a Place

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Liner Notes: 

song that assumes to know the differences between men and women


I Know A Place
Where the men take off their hats
And the women keep them on
At least I used to knoe the place
For all I know its gone

Now the woman picks a flower
And the an picks his nose
She washes his hair
He messes up her clothes

She borrows a fancy dress
He shoplifts a shirt
Both pretend to be somebody
Both are as common as dirt

But I Know A Place
Where people still sing the songs
They learned when they were kids
At least I uused to know the place
Now its a home for invalids

And the woman holds the baby
And the man protects the house
There is a cop on every corner
Ad its as quiet as a mouse

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Haunting melody befitting the words. Almost a lament for a world now gone...

To my ear, - period specific and well done if intended in style, very "noir", "True Crime" '50's movie, sam spade was it?... and etc.

And since not, again per my ear, far from torch, crooner, type fits into your bag of tools to pull from.

As I write this and now think of the "transition" deconstructed songs of recent... makes me wonder how/if you could have spiraled it up to "electric" funk r&b ish "rock" last 3rd or 4tr of the song... don't know why that comes to mind but did, so share it, -- in case a "cosmic" message of music communication Smile hahhh!

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This is indeed eerie - and lovely and evocative and visual, too. I love how you take your time with guitar and vocal, getting the most of each line and strum.
Chord changes make this one quite timeless - even makes me think a bit of a future dystopian environment.
By the way, if I didn't tell you already (I meant to, so I may have) - your comment about my song about singing in my underwear is the best comment I've gotten this year, maybe ever in these challenges.

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Well, that's a dark one isn't it? Smile It could sure be about more than just this one place. I think all the space you leave between vocals and music are very effective. Adds to the overall vibe.

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What a cool sound! Definitely played like a movie!

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Beautiful sad song missing the "good" old days. Bluesywoosey!

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Here are my late-night "ramblings". Film noir of the 40s, Artie Shaw's Nightmare meets Julie London's Cry Me a River, "common as dirt" really biting and cynical line, the paranoia of "cop in every corner", the story of man and woman is disjointed like jump cuts of Godard, the shift from "knowing" to "used to know" is so sad. You're doing your own version of the American Songbook but I wasn't expecting this! There's a lot more grit and power than Irvin Berlin for sure. Smile

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Lovely song! Touched me! Very very sad feel! Suggests better times of the past

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Mate, you do more with a guitar and vocal than most can manage with a whole band.
I love the dynamics you get in these songs, when all I can hear is you scratching around and then suddenly you burst into focus and knock me back in my chair. It's really powerful how the lyrical images here just fuse with the melody and dynamics.
Superb. i'm going to have to get one of your albums but I have a feeling you have about six hundred.

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Great, sad, beautiful and tender. Lovely guitar. Great written and powerfull lyrics. I am trying to catch up between life and stuff.