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Liner Notes: 

2019-East Coast FAWMSTOCK was amazing! One session put random people together and gave us 20 minutes to create a song. The topic was "rooms". It was our first ever collab and it was fun. My "room" of choice was the kitchen, and his was his children's bedroom. We were going for a calming lullaby type feel. After listening to all the results we went outside and did a quick recording so the melody wouldn't be lost!


Early morning’s the favorite part of my day
Sitting in the kitchen sipping coffee
Watching birds as they eat and play
A quiet moment that’s just for me

Transitions from daytime
Transitions into night
Both filled with love
Makes my heart feel right

Bath time, brush teeth, and towel off dry
Tuck you into bed and tell a story
Sing you a song to wind down the day
Goodnight I’ll see you in the morning


Guitar solo


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It is still all kinds of amazing to me that y'all were able to get this done in like 20 minutes! Very fun! Very delightful!

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Thanks for recording and posting this Darci! I think it's a neat song and I had fun writing it with you. Biggrin

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Great to have seen this come to life (and meet so many people) at Fawmstock... and this is a wonderful and sweet song- great performance of it, too- glad you recorded it!

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This is so sweet - perfect lullaby material. The birdsong in the background makes it really special!

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Lovely song. It has that warm positive feeling both in the music and lyrics. So nice to hear you two sing together, especially Mr. Airbag ( this is the first time I hear your voice ). Actually, I'm amazed how well you sing together rhythmically this new song, harmonies and all. Good acoustic solo too. Great collab.

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I really like the variances of your voclas together. Wonderful topic, and I love that you guys used "coffee." Smile You never can go wrong with coffee and really love what you and #airbagtester did with this in 20 minutes!! Awesome work! FAWMStock was a BLAST!

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I adore the scene set, and share the sentiments. And it sounds lovely.

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I got to see this one live at FAWMStock Smile Nice work both of you, and I'm glad that you were able to record it there. I like hearing you both sing together. And I like the bird sounds, too!

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Your voices go well together! Ilike how Eric hollds back a little as for volume, apparantly concentrating on playing guitar. Loved that guitar break, it reminds me of Carter Family melodies. Sweet and simple song, just very nice.