Cartoonishly Intense

Cartoonishly Intense

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Liner Notes: 

I had two different tracks come out of trying to make this one, so I'll have to work on the other half of what I made and post it separately, because they didn't end up fitting together. Oh well, more songs for me!


Cartoonishly Intense

July 23, 2019

A nervous excitement
Led me into this year,
I entered equipped,
I conquered my fear,

It's the end of an era,
I draw my allies near,
I've got gifts and powers,
And I'm the big Boss here,

It makes perfect sense,
This storyline I play
I'm the only equal to
my challenger today,

I celebrate an upswing
With words I risk to say,
I unlock my achievements as
I get out of my way,

And opening the next map,
I try to get a sense,
Of what is being amplified,
cartoonishly intense,

What I am prepared for,
What holds me in suspense,
And what has been let go of,
Now completely in past tense

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nice contrast between the beat forging ahead and the laid back vocal. good lyrics too,

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Came for the "blip-bloop" tag, stayed for the hefty dose of electro pop.

A *very* minor nitpick: the quiet delivery of the vocals might be seen as undermining the "I'm in charge" sentiment in the lyrics; I'd be interested to hear what this sounds like with a much more upfront, intense, Trent Reznor-style delivery.

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Lovely vocals and vocal treatment.
Like Chris, I came for the "blip-bloop" tag.
Great relentless bass line.
Great headphone noises.
I'd like to hear this with some kind of stereo separation so I can really get the whole blippy bloopy goodness...
Great work!

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Yeah, I hate when that happens. But this is pretty neat as is: spooky with an alien feel.

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I like the blip bloop sounds you chose. They create a nervous energy underneath a very calm dreamy vocal. It’s a cool effect.