Last Cavaquinho at the bar

Last Cavaquinho at the bar

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Liner Notes: 

My trusty cavaquinho makes an appearance and has a conversation with the even trustier old P-Bass. If anyone wants to add something let me know.

Two first take recordings with additional EZdrummer.

Here's an explanation what a Cavaquinho or Cavaco is:

I got mine (tuning D G B D) as a present when a friend returned from Brazil celebrating the 2014 FIFA world cup.

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This has a great energy to it. I have never heard of a cavaquinho. Lovely tone on that.

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I just Googled "cavaquinho" - and man, do you rock at it! This is such a groovy, fun tune.
Giving a second listen - nifty bass playing, too.

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This is so much fun! Good tempo, got my toes tapping. Nice sound on that cavaquinho, it's like somewhere between ukulele and mandolin, only better. EZ Drummer sound pretty good too, almost like a live drummer. Oida! This is bonza.

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I'm not proud; I'll admit that I had no idea what a "cavaquinho" was either. It produces a very satisfying sound, doesn't it? This fairly thunders along.

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You had me at the title - thought it was a drink - lol! Great energy - fun song!

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Now I want a cavaquinho! Got me smiling and grooving along from the very first beats.

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This is so good.

It’s pacey, gets your feet tapping, and has a lovely sound to it!

I absolutely love the sound of the cavaquinho, and the rhythm in the background on bass and drums is perfect!

I think it’s great as it is without any lyrics and vocals, so if someone does marry words/vocals to it, then I think they’re into a winner, because this is a cracking track!

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I wasn't expecting this to come out of cavaquinho. It's really cool! The mood you create is light and fun!