spatch and cup

spatch and cup

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Liner Notes: 

Can't even remember what sparked the title, originally Spat & Cup, but once that got into my head last week, I had a couple verses immediately and finished it just now. It's sung to the lilting kind of old fair music.


the teacup and spatula
knew it was wrong
when they fell in love early in June:

he was so dainty, she was so strong
they met in great secrecy
each afternoon

he wanted to keep her
with him in the hutch
she wanted him out on the board
but later that month a kiss went awry--
she cracked his jaw and he stabbed out her eye

they agreed that a friendship was better
so they’d both keep themselves safe and whole
the teacup just couldn’t forget her
till he heard she was seeing a bowl.

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And then what happened?!? Smile

I love the whimsy and the images. (One-eyed spatula?) I'm imagining it as an animated video with drawings in the style of Edward Gorey.

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Yes, and then what happened Smile ? Wholelotta mixing I'd guess.

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Ah, yes it's always the kissing that changes things...with amateurs. And I suppose spooning is completely out of question. Smile
They should have known better but it's not the first time or last when the attraction comes from the obvious mismatch. Witty and little bit surreal lyrics.

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! I've been in this relationship. I was the teacup. You should post a clip of you singing the melody!