Love Is Easy

Love Is Easy

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Liner Notes: 

This song perfectly displays the sheer joy of falling in love.
Both Amanda and I decided to show off this song at the same time and personally, I think it's a cracker Smile


Love Is Easy
© Amanda West/Corey Stewart 2019

Verse 1
How easy is it to fall in love
When the woman beside me is you
Never thought that I sorta might've
Now I know it's true

Can you feel it (can you feel it)
Can you taste it (can you taste it)
Can you feel it (can you feel it)
Can you taste it (can you taste it)

Love is easy, love is true
Coz love is all about me and you
Love is easy, love is true
Coz love is everything to me and you

Verse 2
You brought the sun back through my life
Lighting up what I couldn't see
You made it all seem so easy
Not sure that you would agree





Chorus (x2)

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OMG! What am I hearing? This is so good I am dumbfounded! What a great way to do Amanda's incredible lyrics! Can you hear me clapping?

metalfoot's picture

Very much disco-ish. Felt like I was listening to 70s hit radio. (And that's not a bad thing!)

Great groove and bounce to the arrangement and the lyrics just seem to flow effortlessly. Great collab!

Valerie Cox's picture

Well that's got a great disco beat, doesn't it? Sometimes it's great to just jam out to some disco. So much fun!

phoenixash's picture

So so good, the verse is cool, the chorus is a delight and your beautiful voice flows through them with great power. It's very funky and danceable! Very good great work!!!!

sbs2018's picture

Oh my goodness - I love this! Each section is so smooth, blending well! The vocals and lyrics are spot on. And I do love Disco! Well done!

splittybooms's picture

Now THIS is what I'm talking about! Some straight up real deal disco dance grooving here.
AWESOME music on this, all aspects on point - perfect bass grooves, excellent drums, tight rhythm guitar (perfectly mixed as well), nice elec piano...
Very tight.
Great vocals as well, lots of energy and character with the delivery.
Perfect disco dance lyrics that beg to be presented in this format/genre. The rhythm is apparent just reading them.
This was awesome! Excellent collab!

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nice groove on this one Corey, excellent vocals, and dance feel.