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When I’m tired and weak
Please stay with me.
When I’m alone
My thoughts consume me whole.
I know you’ve got a life to live
So please forgive me
for wasting all your
time away

My head, it aches
I feel my heartbeat race
Here we go again,
I get used to the pain.
But still I reach for you,
I need your soft embrace
to save me from this place

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This reminds me of music I used to listen to a lot in the mid 90s, kind of a shoegazey sort of feel to it (though this isn't quite as heavily layered as that, the maj7 chords give the same sort of feel).

Enjoyed this a lot!

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Nice one i like the bent string sound and the grungy music feel against a much more gentle vocal.!

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i really like the guitar sounds here, taking the grease out of the major seventh chords

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Love the vibe and vocals - works so well in expressing the lyrics.

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I go with @metalfoot to say that this has a shoegazy vibe. It feels like many of my rainy grey afternoons. Great music always has an echo within. And I really felt it. Loved it. Love the meandering voice and your deep register is very rich.

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Digging the feel of this; nice sway.
Sweet melodies.
Nice vocals, too.
Love the guitar lines throughout. Well written song.
Has an accessible and warm sound, like an old familiar friend. Can be a hit, in my opinion. Great sound.

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I like crunchy guitars. I think the lightly distorted vocal fits the scene too. You really good, especially on those low notes. Nice. That drop out to just guitar near the end pulls the ear back in. Good way to break up the outro.

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Oh yeah love the guitars on this WOW
this got my attention from the first note
loved it, nice lyric well delivered

hope you do collabs