New Pill

New Pill

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I got a new pill better than the old one
Doctor says it’s gonna hit me harder than a freight ton
I moved in the bar just as cool as an ice pack
They slid me a beer and I tossed it right back
I got a new pill and I’m okay
Gonna get happy the medical way

I got a new pill got me a prescription
Ain’t no more reason to have me a conniption
I swallow it down and I wait a month
Doctor says that’s when peace is gonna come
Baby come over let’s have a drink
I got a pill; I don’t wanna think

Oh, I’ve been wanting to die
I’ve been waiting for something to save me
Oh, I wanna get high
Higher than the things that drag me under
Higher than the demons and the thunder
Higher than dying

I got a new pill says so on the label
You can find it sittin on my bedside table
I burn through the world just half a ghost
Sucking all the air outta the whole east coast
But I got a new pill I’m gonna be fine
It looks like a jewel but it feels like wine


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this is one of those rare songs that i believe in. some really good lines and rhymes to boot. this should be piped into clinics around the world. it is an anthem.

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The tempo, rhythm, and melody are really something. Cast a different feeling, especially on the chorus, and reflect that constant search for a new external solution. Feels like it coulda fit on Undesirable.

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It's'a gud'n, brand new chill'pill, amen!

Original, -- like it.

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It strikes universal itches. I enjoyed the contrast verse + chorus. I wish some doctor gave me I pill so I could sing that.

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Excellent writing; such a jaunt in each line. Then that chorus...
The rambling vocal delivery of the verses against the awesome melody of the chorus, very very nice.
Sounds so good to the ear.
Great vocals!
What a song... Again, loving the chorus.

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Reminds me of Coconut by Harry Nilsson. Sounds great. Didn't expect the chorus to take the song in the direction it took it, and that's cool.