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Liner Notes: 

I bet you thought I had abandoned or forgotten my 'metalfoot sings the periodic table' series, after not having done one in a while.

Nope, hadn't forgotten.

So here's the latest installment.

(And do remember that you get virtually all the chlorine your body will ever need in naturally occurring salt in the food you eat, so no need to load your food with table salt! :D)


I'm choking
on yellow gas
the odor
does not quickly pass


a little
goes a long way
it's useful
each and every day


number 17 on the periodic table
in ionic form it makes cells function right
at killing bacteria it's quite able
it's really great for making plastics clear to sight


it's mainly
found in salt form
in that shape
it doesn't do much harm


21st most common element in the crust
in your stomach acid, helps you break down food
and it is wonderful that you just can trust
the chlorine in your system to make you a healthy dude


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ive been missing these songs. this is a welcome return, with some crucial infr for those who add table salt to products that are already contaminated with overdoses of chlorine.

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Great energy to this tune! I love how you come out with a bang and your voice is high and seemingly strained to emphasize the choking nature of chlorine. Wonderfully educational and clever with the arrangement of lyrics. I admire how you conveyed the information while keeping the meter listenable and fun. Really neat listen Smile

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Glad you are back to the periodic elemental table! Love the catchy educational lyrics with such great music and change up of chord progressing in the bridge. Nice whistling. Thanks for teaching me something!

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Works, like it.

Actually, it could be turned a "bit dark" Wink hahhh... if wanted to (not suggesting it, but jumped out... 'cause thought the direction when first listening to it Smile ) -- gotta be careful these days.

Anyway, -- easy to listen to the whole song, strong demo.

(Ah, not for you maybe, but "Moreen", like a bad girl, old bad girl friend -- you may not get my humor... but inspired any number of "bad girlfriend" lyrics under this, "Moreen, --
number 17 on my speed dial
iconic bad function's right
at killing me softly she's able
and great for making good..., clear to sight...

[nonsense, I know Smile ]

Remember, I write entire songs/sketches in 5 mins, so 10secs here is all it took with your good work, hahhh! Again, great "song", music, structure, orchestration.

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Ha! This might be my first periodic table song. I also like the way your voice strains during the choking portion. Fun song!

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Yay for chemistry! That delivery of "Chlorine" for the chorus is laudatory but also vaguely sinister - sounds about right. This is fun *and* educational!

And when it comes to salts, there's a variety of liquorice that the Finns make that uses ammonium chloride rather than sodium chloride in the recipe. It's called Salmiakki, and Terry Pratchett described the taste as "like sucking a boiled battery". He wasn't wrong.

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Aah! Periodic table info song strikes again! What a fun way to learn all those important elements. Minor chord song but the Brit-pop shuffle rhythm is lively and your vocals sound so sincere.

And yes, it's true what @headfirstonly said. I've never sucked boiled batteries though so I can't say if the comparison is accurate. But Salmiakki is very popular with some Finns. It's a salty candy and it raises your blood pressure. I don't like it, I prefer chocolate.

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As I've told you before, I like to check in to see how your periodic table project is going. Another winner - this has an old-timey parlor feel, and your vocal is delightfully dramatic. (Aren't you an actor, too, in local theater? That vibe is in a lot of your songs.) The healthy dude line resonated with me, and then ... whistling! (My daughter pokes fun at my lack of whistling skill.)

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I really like this, especially the way you sing "chlorine." The word itself just sounds great and slightly ominous. This could be a huge rocker, though it's great like this. Love the whistling. It's all so catchy